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Do your children know how to behave with dogs? This first book in the series Thunkies love Dogs shows a family how to be in charge. The amusing illustrations and the happy ending to a dramatic disaster story bring the message vividly alive.

Harry is a mischievous young dog, adored by his family, Dad and Mum, Maisie (8) and Max (5). When the family leave him on his own he creates chaos. Dad demands, "That bad dog must go!" Alone and sad in bed that evening, Max asks, "Can anyone help?" How will the Thunkies respond to his call?

Recommended age for this book is 3-8 years

Home Alone Harry is an ideal book to read with your child. With an easy to follow story and colourful pictures, this book will entertain both children and adults alike. We stay in touch with our newsletters too, so you hear about books in the series and our blogs on dogs.
Finalist in the 2020 Wishing Shelf Awards for children's books

“I wish this book had been around when I got my dog. This is the first book featuring the Thunkies and I hope that it is the first of many. These really are books to look out for!”
Becca - mother and dog owner
“I absolutely adore sharing stories with Leo that have an educational edge to them and this book is a wonderful example, perfectly pitched for his level of understanding.”
Melanie - mother to Leo
“It will be a good starting point to think about other points of view. It illustrates how by changing one’s actions and thinking about an event from someone else’s perspective, behaviour can change in positive ways.”
Pam - teacher
“I definitely think this book has a place in school libraries... for lessons on pets, empathy, citizenship, PSHE, art and so much more! It is a delightful book and the start to a series involving the Thunkies that I can’t wait to discover more about in future.”
Elaine - teacher
“This beautifully illustrated and cleverly written picture book uses a team of cartoon characters, each with a specific role to help educate a family about their dog’s behaviour in a fun, easy to understand way.”
Jane - writer

Our next book in the series, called Harry on the Hunt, is due late summer 2021.  Drop us a line at thunkies.team@thunkies.com to let us know if you would like to be notified when it is published. This book shows why dogs pull on the lead: and how to change your behaviour so that your dog walks beside you when you want it to.