Key Markers Upgrade to Levels 1, 2 & 3

Key Markers Upgrade to Levels 1, 2 & 3

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Buy the Levels One, Two & Three Upgrade to take forward what you have already learned about your thinking profile. With this package you will discover your full results for your Driving Forces, your Six Mind Frames and your 21 Thunks. Take the next step in your journey of insights into how you think and how to tackle your work more effectively.

What you get with this package:

Your very own personal Access Debrief is delivered by email directly into your inbox with all you need to login to the online course 'How you Think’

  • In the online course, you get all of Levels One, Two and Three, including a comprehensive guide to help you get the best from it. You can become so much more effective in how you think.
  • Discover Metacognition: yes, you are doing it already but you probably don't realise it. 
    - Meet the Model of Mind and the colour-coding threads
    - Explore your mental stance: does thinking just happen?

    - Raise your awareness of your Direction of Intent
    - Move towards competent awareness for more skilful thinking
    - Select your words to convey much better what you intend
    - Choose the kinds of thinking that are best needed for a task, project, goal
    - Match your mind to the task: that's Effective Intelligence
    - Get practical with the Four Game Plans video, the power of questions and the skills of listening to hear the underlying Driving Forces in other people's questions
  • In Level Two, delve into your own Profile of your 6 Frames of Mind with their colour-coded threads, linking your 3 Driving Forces to your 6 Frames of Mind
  • Discover The Mighty Colour-Frame - a universal tool for managing your mind, with a video and step by step guidance 
  • Colour-Frame Workouts - select the ones you urgently need
  • Find the 12 fundamental tasks everyone faces from day to day, and learn how to map your path through them. 
  • Working with others - their thinking preferences compared with what the task needs
  • Data and Process in thinking: 'What' and 'How' are very different
  • Shifting Process in meetings - it can be done better if you know how others are thinking
  • Honing your questioning skills with the 6 Frames of Mind: tap into your thinking inside your questions
  • What really goes on in people's thinking, including your own - it can be messy: Game plans bring clarity with the 12 Colour-Frames of Tasks
  • To get great results you need to invest some serious learning time. Skim through to pick what is going to help you immediately and then get stuck in.
  • Then you move on to Level 3:
  • This Level of the online course is like no other. You reach into the core of your own thinking preferences. You identify the crucial points where you can make a real difference to the quality of your thinking
  • You increase the value of the results you get, tangible and intangible, measureable and beyond measuring, as you gain in understanding how to use your mind more effectively.
  • You get the depth of detail that enables you to penetrate more accurately how others think to achieve better relationships and outcomes
  • You build and extend the flexibility and rigor of your thinking skills. You enter into a wider imagination, marrying its range and scope with the disciplines of logic, accuracy and empathy. This is all-round thinking seen in an entirely new way. 

    Buy now to embark on this advanced package. If you leave without a decision it is likely you miss this unique chance to revolutionise how you think. We will stay in touch as well with newsletters from time to time. The time is now to buy.