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Now's the time to reveal to yourself the 21 drivers of your thinking - your Thinking-Intentions embedded within the three Super Thunks that you have already discovered. Find these deep motivators that propel your thoughts forward and backwards, over and under, round and through. Yes, they are the profoundly varied, energetic, disrupting and stabilising actions of your mind. Where is stillness located? Where your creativity? What about empathy, truth-seeking and decision? All in this package.

Sponsored by the Trust, the 21 Thinking-Intentions are drawn from Jerry Rhodes’ original research and world-wide teaching to adults in education and business. Affectionately known as ‘Thunks', the Thinking-Intentions for children are called ‘Thunkies’.

With this package you get your Thunks hand-in-hand with their Thunkies. This means you can take the adult Thunks route joined together with the Thunkies for your children. The in-depth read-out you get shows how you scored them when you completed the Assessment questions.

This is no quick flip. This  package brings you the chance to penetrate your own thinking foibles and strengths, to examine how you can re-balance your thinking, and along the way enhance all you do with your family. Any home education with your children gives you all a special edge. Our newsletters bring you new resources too.

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